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July 11 2010

Update on Rails3 Migrationby schof

Its been about one month since the very first rails3 commit was made during Railsconf. I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone on our progress. The Github compare shows 167 commits by 10 different authors. We've been getting a lot of help from the community on this one. In addition to our core team, I'd like to thank long time contributor Trung Le (aka joneslee85) and newcomer fbrubacher for their hard work on this.

The Rails3 code is now stable enough that we've moved it off of the special rails3 branch and onto railsdog/master. This means that if you want to work with a stable version of the Spree source code you should be using the 0-11-stable branch instead. The master branch is going to be highly volatile and many of the Spree features remain broken and/or untested on this branch. We've made enough progress though that it was time to merge the code down and spare ourselves any further merge conflicts in the future.

There are many subtle changes to how things are organized. You'll want to start by reading the new README which we will be trying to keep up to date (NOTE: the gem instructions are out of date but the edge source instructions will tell you how to get up and running.) Most of the changes are small configuration adjustments due to the new "Rails way" of doing things.

People using the current 0.11.x gem shouldn't panic about all of the changes. If you're following the suggested approach of using a site extension then it will be relatively easy to upgrade later. Its not recommended that people use the current Rails3 master for their application unless they are planning on launching their stores after August.

We're going to continue to make rapid progress on this upgrade. We've been very aggressive at adopting edge technology that was useful and not yet in the Rails core. Unfortunately the downside of this is that there's more work ripping that stuff out once Rails adopts these practices. Most of the difficult work is behind us now and we're looking forward to getting everything working again.

We'll be updating this blog and our online documentation in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to learn more about some of the exciting new developments!