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November 02 2010

JSON Hijacking Vulnerabilityby schof

The Spree team was recently alerted to a potential security vulnerability related to so-called JSON Hijacking. The potential exploit involves using social engineering to induce an administrator who is logged into Spree to visit a web page that contains code designed to exploit the vulnerability. If an authenticated admin loads a page containing this code in their browser it could expose sensitive user and order information via a JSON security exploit.

Most versions of Spree are affected including all versions of 0.11.x and the latest edge code for the upcoming 0.30.x. If you are running on an edge version of Spree, please update to the latest source code which includes these two important fixes.

Anyone using a previously released version of Spree is strongly encouraged to upgrade to the brand new 0.11.2 release. The new 0.11.2 release contains two crucial commits needed to address this vulnerability. The complete set of changes for the 0.11.2 release can be viewed in Github.

This is not a particularly new vulnerability nor is it unique to Spree. There is a very detailed blog post outlining the specifics of JSON Hijacking if you wish to read up on it further.

Special thanks to Conviso Security for reporting the problem to us as well as the team at Locaweb for helping us to test the fix. This was another great example of the OS community working together to report and fix security issues in a timely manner. Remember, if you spot a security issue, please do not report it in a public forum or issue tracker. Send an email to so we can address the issue before publicizing the vulnerability.