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Spree Commerce Upgrades MK Data Integration

Posted on December 23, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Spree Commerce has upgraded the MK Data Services integration for its automated ecommerce integration platform, Wombat. Now, connecting with MK Data is just a matter of a few minutes.

Built by Spree Commerce, Wombat connects ecommerce storefronts with all of their mission-critical services, offering a wide array of versatile integrations. By making the connection to MK Data’s Denial service, Wombat users will be able to quickly screen for potential customers who may be on the denied/restricted parties list, expediting the screening process. In the event that an entity or person lands on one of these lists, any dealings with the aforementioned party would violate the terms of its denial order.

“When dealing with international entities, screening the denied/restricted parties list is an ugly but necessary part of the process,” said Spree Commerce COO Josh Resnik. “When the situation comes up that someone does need to screen a potential business partner, Wombat users will have MK Data right at their fingertips, ready to give a fast and trustworthy answer.”

To get quick, accurate and reliable access to MK Data Services, sign up for free two-week integration platform trial of Wombat. For technical documentation on this integration, visit the Wombat knowledge base.

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