Using Themes on Edge

As part of the upcoming 0.70.0 release we’re returning to an earlier approach
of bundling themes as their own Rails 3.1 engine. This is primarily designed to
make installing and managing themes fall inline with extensions.

We’ve created two front-end themes to help show this new approach in action:

  • Spree Blue – Recreates the original “blue” front-end theme of 0.60.x as a stand alone theme.
  • Rails Dog Radio – This recreates some of the aspects of the Rails Dog Radio demo application for a default Spree application.

Both themes can be installed by just adding a reference to the git repository to your Gemfile, ie:

gem ‘spree_blue_theme’, :git => ‘git://’

NOTE: The repo’s for both themes have be recently moved and renamed,
be sure to use the new repos locations linked above.

Edge basic theme

The current edge version of Spree includes quite a substantial
simplication of the front-end views and styles aimed at providing a simpler base to start
building themes on top of. Some early adopters have mistaken these
changes as issues with the new asset pipeline, because it no longer
sports the classic “blue” look.

To restore the original 0.60.x look, please install the Spree Blue
as mentioned above.

You can learn more about themes in the Extensions &

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