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WeMontage Takes their Business to the Next Level

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

How Spree Commerce Helped WeMontage Take Business to the Next Level

WeMontage, an up-and-coming photo collage company, was getting its first taste of the inevitable for any successful start-up: It needed to keep up with its rapidly growing consumer base, and its preliminary web application was no longer getting the job done.

What WeMontage needed was a fully-featured e-commerce system, but it did not have the in-house resources to accomplish this necessity. At first, the company just used Spree for basic functions such as processing online transactions, promotions and reporting. But as business grew, so did WeMontage’s need for Spree’s more expansive options.

Before long, WeMontage extended its software’s functionality to support aspects such as a multiple-purchase incentive program, as well as a user-credit system to share with friends and family. WeMontage has since been recognized as one of the emerging e-commerce startups, and was recently highlighted on a “Today Show” digital lifestyle feature.

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