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Top 5 Reasons Wombat Makes Life Easy for Developers

Posted on June 26, 2014 by Alexander Diegel

Top 5 Reasons Why Wombat Makes Life Easy for Developers

We have recently announced the launch of Wombat, and we are excited for all the new features our automated e-commerce solution will now provide! Wombat was created by developers, for developers, with the goal of making back-end logistical maintenance as simple and efficient as possible. Without further ado, here are the top five reasons why Wombat makes life easier for you, the developer.

1) Ability to connect with any storefront

Not only is Wombat a sophisticated e-commerce solution engine, it is also platform agnostic. Due to the standard JSON API format we use for communication, no matter what platform you are using—whether it be Spree, Magento Hybris or Demandware, you can integrate with Wombat. Even if you build your own custom platform, Wombat will be with you every step of the way!

2) Use of pre-defined or custom-built connections

Wombat comes complete with a number of predefined connections, ready for out-of-the box use so you can quickly integrate and get started. However, the flexibility of Wombat also allows you to integrate your own custom-built connections, so that you can customize this e-commerce solution to perform any and all of your desired functions.

3) Easily retry flows and keep track of errors

Wombat is complete with a fail-safe system of managing flows. If something has gone wrong within the flow setup, you will be notified immediately to retry the flow, debug the flow, or resolve the error. All errors are listed in order of most to least recent, with the goal of making errors as easy to manage as possible.

4) Adding integrations all the time.

Wombat is not open source. It is Software as a Service, or SaaS. However, Spree Commerce was founded on the principles of open source, and those values have carried over to the way we manage Wombat. We believe in a strong communal support system, so if there is an integration you want but don’t see available, let us know—and we’ll listen!

5) Transforms

In the context of Wombat, a transform represents the ability to easily modify data. Whether you want to convert an order into an email, or change all states to abbreviations, you can easily do so in Wombat’s transforms editor. Transforms work by embedding server side javascript directly into the flow. The javascript incorporates the logic dictating how data is transformed, and easily makes the desired changes.

These five advantages are why developers love to use Wombat. For more in-depth documentation on these topics—and virtually anything else you might want to learn about Wombat—visit our knowledge-based articles.

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