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Latest Wombat Integration: Salesforce

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Netguru

As you may know, Spree has created Wombat, an automated e-commerce solution. We are proud to announce that we have integrated it with Salesforce! Now, you can easily bring all your clients’ information straight into Salesforce.

What it does

The integration allows you to keep all your clients and order details in one place. When a new product is added to the shop, or a new order is created, the integration passes all the relevant information to Salesforce. The three main categories are:


You can move your products’ data from your storefront to Salesforce, including product name, code, description and price. The products aspect is fairly straightforward, so we will focus more on orders.


Now, every time an order is placed in the storefront, the order details are passed to Salesforce. It is of course linked to the relevant product and the relevant customer account. It also allows for updates, so the changes in the shop will be reflected in Salesforce.

Besides the basic information, in Orders you can also see payments and/or cancellation information.


Each order is assigned an account, and each account has one or more contacts. In the context of Salesforce, “Contacts” includes your customers and their contact data. Accounts may be treated just like contacts, but for the sake of flexibility, you can add as many contacts as you need. For example, if the customers Jon, Kate and Bill are buying something for Netguru, the account name may simply be “Netguru,” but there may be three contacts assigned to it.

Right from the account page, you can navigate to other relevant sections like Payments, Orders and Contacts.

All you Wombat users, feel free to grab the integration straight from Github. Yup, it’s open source!

That’s all for now! Feel free to check out this post in Netguru’s original format. And if you love Spree as much as we do, make sure to check out other handy Spree extensions crafted by Netguru:

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