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Ten Reasons You Can't Miss SpreeConf

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Sean Schofield

We’re really excited about SpreeConf DC and hope you are too. The two-day event takes place May 20th - 21st at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC and features training on Spree as well as presentations from thought leaders in the e-commerce and Ruby community. This will be our third conference and if you haven’t come to one yet, we’ve put together ten great reasons why you can’t afford to miss SpreeConf DC.

#1 Learn About Spree 2.0

SpreeConf is a chance to learn more about the new and exciting features that have been added to Spree. This year’s conference includes several talks focused on the new functionality included in Spree 2.0. The Spree team has been hard at work improving split shipments and adding new international features. Come and talk to the Spree team in person to find out how you can take advantage of the latest and greatest advancements in Spree.

#2 Stay On Top of E-Commerce Trends

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the global economy right now. Many e-commerce companies fail because they can’t execute quickly enough to beat their competition. SpreeConf speaker, Adil Wali, will share the lessons he learned about scaling multiple e-commerce businesses, including ModCloth, one of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry. We’ll also hear from Eric Koester, founder at Zaarly, about how to capitalize on the micro-prenuer revolution by serving this class of “freelance entreprenuers” who are taking advantage of platforms such as Airbnb, Etsy, Kickstarter, and of course Zaarly.

#3 Learn About Other Technologies

SpreeConf obviously has a strong empahsis on e-commerce but it is also a chance to learn about the other important technologies that enable Spree (and the rest of the Web). For instance, this year we have a great talk from Nick Gauthier about how to put Rails 4 into action for your e-commerce application and an awesome session from Sandi Metz covering practical guidelines for choosing what to test and how to test it.

#4 Meet the Team Behind Spree

This is an opportunity to meet the creator of Spree as well as the core team that maintains the project. If you are either currently using or contemplating using Spree for a project, you can’t afford to miss out on the chance to talk to the people that power the technology! Are you having difficulties with something in Spree? Do you have a feature request? Now’s your chance to tell us in person.

#5 Meet Fellow Spree Developers

In addtion to meeting the core team, the conference is a great opportunity to meet fellow developers in the community. You’ll be networking with other developers around the world who are also working on Spree projects and have the chance to compare notes. Previous SpreeConf attendees have included developers from Gucci, Chipotle and Blue Nile as well as various startups and developer shops.

#6 Meet Fellow Store Owners and Founders

SpreeConf isn’t just for developers. We have plenty of founders and store owners that come to our conferences as well. Whether you’re a startup or an established online business, there will be other business owners for you to network with and learn from. Previous founders and owners who’ve attended SpreeConf include Makerbot, Birchbox, Sticker Mule and Github.

#7 Help Shape the Future Direction of Spree

SpreeConf is also a chance to discuss and debate the future direction of Spree. We use the conference as a chance to communicate our latest thinking about where the project is headed but it’s also an opportunity for you to lend your voice to the discussion.

#8 Decide Whether Spree is Right for You

If you’re a developer or store owner considering Spree, this is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the technology and our community up close. We have plenty of developers and owners who come to our conference that are currently using Magento or other e-commerce solutions. If you’re considering learning a new technology or making a big investment in a new e-commerce platform, you owe it to yourself to check Spree out up close and personal.

#9 Find a New Job or Customer

One of the main reasons to go to any technical conference is to look for a new job or to get new customers. SpreeConf is a great opportunity to hire someone onto your technical team or to find customers looking for professional services.

#10 Meet Interesting People and Be Inspired

Finally, conferences are all about the people. Whether your motivation is to learn or to conduct business, SpreeConf is the perfect opportunity to shake things up and travel somewhere new to meet some really cool and interesting people. We have a great online community but sometimes there is no substitute for meeting in person. When you get a large number of smart people together in one place it usually results in suprising and interesting benefits and amazing creativity. We’ve built lots of networking opportunities into the schedule including lightning talks, a happy hour, and a SpreeConf after party.