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Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule says: "Spree focuses on the most important ecommerce problems and solves them better than anything else available. Choosing ecommerce software based on feature checklists is crazy. Any small feature on a checklist can be developed if you have a good foundation. Spree's foundation is unmatched. It's fast, simple, easy to extend and gives you total control over the appearance of your site. That's all that we think really matters and ultimately why we love Spree."


  • Simple: A simple custom checkout process which includes flash uploading of images
  • Scalable: Additional computing power can be added on demand using Heroku
  • Efficient: Aggressive page caching with Varnish
  • Fast: 139 ms GET request for an empty cache

The Sticker Mule site resides on an incredibly performant cloud-based hosting environment. The application is deployed across a large pool of servers all of which are invisibly managed by Heroku. Surges in traffic can be handled with the ability to add additional computing resources on demand.

The owners say: The Spree core team is obsessive about this site speed and it shows. Spree flies and, more excitingly, there's constant talk about how to make it faster. Unlike other platforms, we don't have to do any crazy hacks to make our site fast either. It runs gracefully on Heroku with minimal sys admin overhead.

About Sticker Mule: Sticker Mule makes it effortless to buy custom stickers. They fix artwork problems for free and provide free shipping to anywhere in the US.

"Sticker Mule is the first software development project I ever worked on that came in significantly under budget. Spree's architected to make both design and software customization fast and easy." -- Anthony, Sticker Mule

Specs & Stats

Traffic 13,000 Uniques/month
Hosting Heroku
Old System None -- Sticker Mule is a greenfield project
Extensions related_products, simple_blog, volume_pricing