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We have a comprehensive set of documentation for both developers and store owners.

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User Guide

This documentation is intended for business owners and site administrators of Spree storefronts. Everything you need to know to configure and manage your storefront can be found here.

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Developer Guide

This part of Spree’s documentation covers the technical aspects of the Spree Commerce storefront. If you are working with Rails and are building a storefront, this is the documentation for you.

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API Guide

This site covers the inner working of the storefront's RESTful API. It assumes a basic understanding of the principles of REST. The REST API is designed to give developers a convenient way to access data contained within a storefront. With a standard read/write interface to store data, it is now very simple to write third party applications (eg. iPhone) that can talk to your storefront.

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Integration Guide

The Spree Commerce hub allows you to connect your Spree Commerce storefront to third-party applications and services including your own custom integrations. We provide a reliable and managed platform for you to build your own custom integrations. It is simple to leverage the power of our hub since it uses basic HTTP calls to relay messages to your system as they occur within a storefront. This form of integration is often referred to as Web Hooks or HTTP Callbacks. This guide will give you a high level introduction to the Spree Commerce hub, and provide details on all the features currently available.

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