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Spree X.Y.Z Release Notes

This document summarises the main changes in release X.Y.Z

Also check Spreeā€™s CHANGELOG file and the ticket system for detailed information of changes.

1 Upgrade procedure


2 I18n Changes

Spree now stores all of the translation information in a separate Github project known as spree-i18n. This is a stand alone project with a large number of volunteer committers who maintain the locale files. This is basically the same approach followed by the Rails project which keeps their localizations in rails-i18n.

The project is actually a Spree extension. This extension contains translations only. The rest of code needed to support the i18n features is part of the Spree core.

You will need to install the spree-i18n extension if you want to use any of the community supplied translations of Spree.

See the i18n guide for further details.