Spree is distributed as a Ruby gem. The gem is available on Gem Cutter and you should be able to install it like any other gem using 'gem install spree'. You can download the complete source code associated with a release from GitHub.

Install the Spree gem using:

gem install spree

Why use the gem? The Spree gem makes it easy to generate an application, and to keep your application up-to-date with the Spree core development. Spree keeps your application-specific code in Extensions, so you can pull in the latest updates to the Spree core without affecting your customization

The Spree source code is also freely available. Source code is maintained using Git and the official repository is hosted on GitHub.

You can use Git to clone the source code to a location of your choosing using:

git clone git://

New features and patches are welcome. Please see the contributor's guide for more information.