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Enchanced option types

This extension was created to help manage products with 2+ option types.

User interface:
- It provides a way to choose a product based on option values - instead of one drop down, you get several boxes of radio buttons that allow you to choose variant
- It greys out all non existing options(eg. You don’t have XXL Black tshirts, when you click XXL - black option will be disabled)

Admin Interface:
- Adds option to set order of option types by d&d
- Adds ‘modifier’ field to option values that allows to set a modifier that’ll be added to variant with that option value
- Adds sevaral usability improvements for creating large amounts of variants (eg. mass creat option, that creates all possible combinations of variants from provided prototype)

Compatibility with Spree 0.6.x

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Marcin Raczkowski