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This is quick auction module for spree(tested on spree-0.9.4)

System Requirements:

  • ruby >= 1.8.7
  • spree >= 0.9.4

Step to install:

  • script/extension install git@github.com:pronix/spree-quick-auction.git
  • rake db:migrate

For load basic fixuters for t-shirt do this:

  • rake spree:extensions:quick_auction:load_test_data

For disable SSL on production mode:

  • rake spree:extensions:quick_auction:disable_ssl

Run spree:

  • ./script/server
  • Go to http://localhost:3000/admin/products
  • Create a new product and fill all field. Must fill a prototype.
  • Then edit the product and fill ‘Available On’, ‘Available Off’, ‘On hand’,
    Step and click update.
    Available On - this is date, when product is start to see in http://localhost:3000/
    Available Off - this is end date.
    On hand - this is count of prices(lots)
    Step - +1 cost to product.
    For example: we create a product with on hand - 50 nad step 1, and we obtain 50 prices,
    of one product wiht lowest price is 1 and highest price is 50.
  • Now we can go to the main page(http://localhost:3000/) and see this product.


  • config.time_zone must be with this rake time:zones:local values
  • If afministrator want to reset on_hand values, he must destroy all variants on product.
  • If product have a variants, administrator can see a table with prices, he can check and
    uncheck some price(simply clicking to price)
  • User can store in his Shopping cart a lot of items, but if items already sell(with another user), we delete it item
    from user shop.
  • All checkout process is standart, we sell not product, we sell only variants of product
  • In main page we display lastest product with valid available_on and available_off date
  • If administrator want to close some product, he must change availbale_off data less than available_on

Compatibility with Spree 0.30.x

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