It's easy to extend Spree by writing your own extension. There are already over one hundred third party extensions listed in our official registry.

Recently Updated Extensions

Spree FlexiRate Extended Improves the Spree flexirate shipping calculation by providing more control over what existing flexirate offers. This gem will become obsolete: when this code (probably improved) get merged into spree or once spree has a better calculator.

spree_taxon_splash Override the default taxon display with custom HTML

Stock Manager Add a products stocks section to the admin part.

Spree CMS A CMS / Blog for Spree

spree_multi_theme Spree Multi Theme is a standalone theme for Spree Commerce 1.1.0

spree_custom_api spree_custom_api is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. It was originally developed by RailsFactory Team.

AfterShip New Extension - Auto track packages and notify customers at delivery statuses. Reduce customer enquiries. Support 40+ couriers.

Spree Importify Mass import your products and variants using spreadsheets

Spree_ODG_Theme Olive Drab Green Theme is a standalone theme for Spree Commerce version 1.1.0.

Spree Showcase A simple Spree Slideshow with the aim of creating a slider that's easy to use for normal users.

spree_sunspot_search Add flexible & robust searching to your Spree store via sunspot + solr

spree_essential_menus The extension closely cooperates with citrus/spree_essential_cms. It allows you to organize menus in you Spree app. Both extensions together opens possibility to have a fully customizeable CMS with pages, picutres and attachments in you app.

Spree SizeChart SpreeSizeChart is a spree extension helping your store to provide pertinent product information.

spree_taxon_promo A Spree promotion that allows you to run a promo on products within a certain taxon.

Spree cycle Spree cycle images plugin

spree_contact_us Reworked the contact_us gem to work with Spree

Category Bullets Bullets for the categories

Spree User Groups User Group Pricing for Spree

F.Connect - Online store and widgets on Facebook Create your store to Facebook and create product widgets for your Fan Page

my_theme test

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