spree-facebox by Andrey Voronkov

Allows to view product images in a facebook-like lightbox

Last update: 3 months ago (from github)

Yandex Market Scraper by Andrey (Antiarchitect) Voronkov

Spree engine extension allowing to get images, metatags and description from the Yandex.Market service.

Last update: 3 months ago (from github)

Spree Advanced Reporting by Steph Skardal

Some advanced reporting functionality for Spree.

Last update: 3 days ago (from github)

ucuzotelsitesi by ersin


spree-omni by pronix

atuh by social-networks

Last update: 13 days ago (from github)

spree-multi-currency by pronix

multi-currency support

Last update: 14 days ago (from github)

Mail Chimp by sbeam

Mail Chimp API integration for your Spree store

Last update: 19 days ago (from github)

Geo Settings by Peter Zlatnar

Restrict orders to local area.

Last update: 18 days ago (from github)

spree-make-an-offer by Paul Zupan

Adds a Make An Offer button to the product page of Spree

Last update: 5 months ago (from github)

Spree-Consignments by Paul Zupan

Add Consignments to Spree

Last update: 5 months ago (from github)