facebook_connect by David LI

Facebook Connect extention to Spree

Last update: 11 months ago (from github)

FAQ by Josh Nussbaum

Manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Last update:

Recommendations by paul callaghan

Ways to hiighlight also-interesting products

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

Reviews by paul callaghan

Basic support for user-supplied reviews and ratings

Last update: 12 months ago (from github)

Promotions by paul callaghan

Provides some methods of highlighting sets of products, eg best sellers

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

Simple Blog by paul callaghan

Simple blog extension, allowing posts and user-submitted (approved) comments

Last update: over 1 year ago (from github)

Paypal Express by paul callaghan

Allows Spree to take payments via Paypal Express

Last update:

open-id by Sean Schofield

Provides OpenID Support for Spree

Last update: about 2 years ago (from github)