It's easy to extend Spree by writing your own extension. There are already over one hundred third party extensions listed in our official registry.

Recently Updated Extensions

Order Comments An extension for Spree to allow comments on the Order Admin view

Wordsmith A blog/cms extension for spree

Suppliers Add suppliers to products.

spree-accessories Allows you to link products as accessories to other products and have then display on the product details page.

Subscriptions Subscriptions with automatic local recurring billing

Print Invoice Generates PDF of order details on Admin UI

Single Product URLs Reduces duplicate content issues by giving each product a single URL.

Redirects Manage redirects for moved/old pages from within Spree admin

Products Page Remover Extension for removing the /products page in Spree. Helps avoid duplicate content issues between home page and /products.

Titles Replaces the general Spree title with accurate titles

I18n Db Spree extension to override YAML translations with translations stored in the database.

Lightbox+Zoom Photos Lightbox+Zoom product photos for your Spree store

Db Tools An extension to add a few useful Spree-related database rake tasks.

Downloadable Create downloadable products in Spree that are served on your own server. Download limits and auto zip bulk downloads. Variant support!

search Sort and search extension for spree.

ps-spree-own-cart Support for brazilian online payment service PagSeguro using Spree's own cart.

correios-bounded-store Support for brazilian postal service online shiping price calculation, using a type of web service access contract called "bounded store".

Protx/SagePay 3D Secure Gateway Allowing Spree to take payments via Protx/Sagepay 3D secure gateway

Paypal Express Allows Spree to take payments via Paypal Express

Simple Blog Simple blog extension, allowing posts and user-submitted (approved) comments

This project is maintained by a core team of developers and is freely available for commercial use under the terms of the New BSD License.

Spree, Spree Commerce and the Spree logo are all trademarks of Spree Commerce, Inc.