Correios Shipping Calculator by Rodrigo Ortiz

Shipping calculator for Brazilian carrier

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

Pagamento Certo Gateway by Fernando Amorim

Brazilian payment gateway

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

Advanced Calculators by Marcin Raczkowski

Set of advanced calculators, for calculating shipment costs and coupons based on buckets

Last update: 5 months ago (from github)

Promotions by Marcin Raczkowski

Set of several promotions to use with Edge spree

Last update: 11 months ago (from github)

Enchanced option types by Marcin Raczkowski

Allows for easy managing of lots of products with 2+ option types

Last update:

Default addresses by Marcin Raczkowski

Provides an unobtrusive way for preserving user addresses

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

CAS authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) by Rich

This extension adapts Authlogic to accept CAS authentication credentials provided by the Rubycas client. It requires Rubycas-client and a working CAS server.

Last update: about 1 year ago (from github)

Product Translations by Oliver Barnes

Makes product details, properties, prototypes and taxonomies translatable by bridging the Globalize 2 plugin.

Last update: 4 months ago (from github)

Availability Descriptions by Tim Harvey

Create availability messages for products

Last update: 12 months ago (from github)

Heroku by Casper Fabricius

Host Spree on Heroku