There may be times when using Spree that the documentation doesn’t answer all the questions you may have. There are several other places on the internet where you can go to ask Spree questions, and they are covered in this guide.

Mailing List

The first of these places is our Google Groups mailing list. On this list, any user may ask any question about Spree and it’s up to the community to answer it, or in some cases, a Spree employee may answer the question.

This list is perfect for general questions about Spree. If you think you have discovered a bug in Spree, please file an issue on GitHub.

Questions on this list may take some time to answer, so please be patient when asking them.


Spree has a Gitter chat room similar to IRC that can be used to discuss Spree in real-time. We prefer using Gitter over IRC for the chat logs, notifications, and other features.

IRC Channel

The IRC channel for Spree is at #spree on irc.freenode.net. Here you can talk to other users of Spree in real-time. Spree employees are represented in the channel with a @ before their name on most clients.

If you do not have an IRC client and still want to join the discussion, Freenode offers a webchat solution for their network. Simply visit this link, enter your username and connect!

It is recommended that for people using IRC often, or on multiple networks that they download an IRC client. Popular IRC clients include: Quassel (all platforms), XChat (windows and linux) and mIRC (windows only).

We prefer using Gitter over IRC for the chat logs, notifications, and other features.

GitHub Issues

The GitHub issues page for Spree shows a list of currently open issues on Spree. If you think you have found a new issue with Spree, please first read the Filing an Issue guidelines. If you provide the information we ask for there, we will be able to help you with your issue much more effectively.

If you think you have discovered a security issue with Spree, please do not report them publically. Instead, email our security address