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Hub Documentation

The Spree Commerce hub connects your storefront to third-party applications and services, and provides a reliable and managed platform for you to build your own custom integrations.

Did you know that the Spree Commerce hub has a powerful Push API that allows you to connect to any storefront (Magento, Shopify, etc.)?

Use the navigations links on the right hand site as you explore the documentation which is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started

Learn the basics of how the hub works so that you can connect your storefront and start processing data. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the hub architecture
  • Push API
  • Authentication

Read the Getting Started documentation.


Learn how integrations work in the hub and read about some of the open source integrations that have already been built. Topics include:

  • Introduction to integrations
  • Ready to use integrations
  • Information on how to build your own integrations
  • Tips on building integrations of a particular type (ex. shipping)

Read the Integrations documentation.


Webhooks are the building blocks of the Spree Commerce hub. They are used by both integrations as well as storefronts to communicate with the hub. Topics include:

  • Overview of webhooks
  • Webhooks categorized by object type
  • Using webhooks in your storefront
  • Implementing webhooks in your integrations

Read the Webhooks documentation.


Data in the hub is represented as JSON objects. Learn more about this fundamental aspect of the hub. Topics include:

  • Standard object formats for orders, shipments, etc.
  • Updating objects
  • Dealing with identifiers and partial data
  • Creating your own custom objects

Read the Objects documentation.