Twilio lets you send customers SMS every time an order is received or a shipment goes out.

The source code for the Twilio Integration is available on Github.


SMS Order

Sends a SMS for every new order.

SMS Ship

Sends a SMS every time a shipment ships.


Both services need the same parameters

Name Value Example
twilio.account_sid The SID value provided by Twilio on your account regw45432542ragregewrgewrg4r
twilio.auth_token The Auth token provided by Twilio on your account 234534regegrewgwergergwegeg
twilio.phone_from The phone number provided by Twilio on your account 315 4566 3455
twilio.address_type Specify which address should phone number be picked from billing


  "message_id": "518726r84910515003",
  "notifications": [
    "level": "info",
    "subject": "SMS confirmation sent to +55 86 8869 9999",
    "description": "Hey Bob! Your order R4534543535 has been received."
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