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The hub is an automated solution that connects your store to your backend operations,
such as fulfillment, accounting, ERP and more. The hub works with any storefront, regardless of platform. Whether
you are using Spree, Magento, Shopify, hybris, or any other software (even your own custom solution) you can use
the hub to minimize the complexity of your logistics, get to market quicker, and focus on growing your business.


All Your Data, All The Time

Any storefront can connect to the hub. Once connected, the hub will intelligently route orders and other
data (products/inventory, new customers, and more) so that all your information gets to the right place, at the right time. You can even use the hub to manage your wholesale supply chain.

Manage Your Data Effectively

Use the hub to automatically route orders and other data into one central location - making administration simple and efficient.


Integrate Easily

  • Pick from existing
  • Customize It
  • Code Your Own Integration

Choose from our many integrations, including the industry's most popular shipping and accounting solutions.
New integrations are being added frequently.

Pick from Existing Integrations

Categories covered include shipping, warehousing, accounting, ERP, email, SMS, customer service and more.


Instantaneous Notifications

The customer experience doesn't stop with the storefront. Customers expect their orders to be processed perfectly every time. But problems are bound to arise. Your drop shipper's system might be down. Product SKUs in your storefront might not match what's in the warehouse. No matter what the issue, the hub will uncover the
problem and alert you so that you can resolve it before your customers are impacted.

Don't let mishaps cause you to lose orders... or customers.

Know if something is wrong before the customer does.

Stay one step ahead and enable your customer service representatives or developers to diagnose and solve problems.


Retry on Fail – Every Time

The hub confirms the success of each message. Whether it receives a fail message from a vendor or receives no response at all, the hub will keep trying and retrying, until the order goes through.

New Order
Attempt 1
Orders can fail for a variety of reasons. Your storefront may transmit incorrect data. Sometimes vendors experience challenges of their own.
Same Order
Attempt 2
In the event of a failure - or even no response from your vendor at all - the hub will continue to send and resend the message.
Same Order
Confirmed Success
Attempt 3
Only when the issue has been resolved, and the hub receives confirmation from the vendor that the relevant task has been completed, is the transmission considered a success.

Retry on Fail

The hub Messages are always confirmed as received and processed. If not, the hub tries again. If no confirmation is returned, an alert is generated, initiating troubleshooting.


Empower Your Customer Service Reps

Don't waste your customer service team's time by making them go into multiple systems to check on an order's status. Even worse, don't make your customers wait while your representatives dig through countless screens to get the information they need. With the hub, all the information related to an order -- warehouse status, customer communications, and shipping details -- will be at your representative's fingertips. Call times are shorter and customers are happier.

Information at a Glance

The hub routes data from all aspects of your supply chain into one place so your CSRs have everything they need to solve your customers' problems.


Reporting and Diagnostics

Understand how your supply chain is performing at a macro and a micro level. Spot changes in activity levels at different points to ensure smooth operations throughout.


Additional Advantages

The hub helps with more than just your supply chain. Use the hub to manage your omnichannel sales, to automate your accounting/ERP integration, and to connect with other software, such as customer service.

  • Accounting
  • Omnichannel
  • Customer Service

Real-Time Accounting

Automate the flow of information between your storefront and your accounting or ERP system. Integrations exist for the industry's most popular systems.