"Spree is really cool. It's a nice way to add a store to your application." Jason Seifer - Rails Envy (Episode #45)
"Spree is simply amazing, it makes other e-commerce systems look old and chunky. It's lightweight, and flexible." Carlos Taborda - CEO, WebbyNode
"Having launched our first eCommerce site using an older perl based platform we immediately found its constraints regarding speed and flexibility. After researching Ruby on Rails we came across Spree, which has both the speed and flexibility we require. To add to that, its development potential is limitless!" John Orr - Net Stores Ltd
"The speed difference is truly shocking." Sean Harper - CEO TSS Radio, Inc.
"Our sale numbers have improved about 20% each month since January. A very good trend. I also wanted to mention that our newly designed shopping cart is creating additional sales and making the sales experience much more user friendly." Jeff Wells - CEO Genetree

"I've dealt with a number of eCommerce systems in the past, and even written my own (in PHP) and Spree continues to surprise me with its flexibility and extensibility." Jeff Seibert CEO, SlouchBack

More praise for Spree

"Highly recommended."
Fabio Akita Akita on Rails

"Spree is truly flying!"
Peter Cooper Rails Inside

"Spree is a charm to use, it's a really great and promising project. Thx a lot for this great project!"

"Very nicely done ... Could be expanded into just about anything a final customer wants."
Robert L

"Thanks for Spree! It's a great tool."
Venkata Pingali

"I think Spree is perfect for small business ... the gem installation ROCKS for multiple websites."

"After switching to Spree, things were massively simpler, and cleaner."