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When you go with a Spree Commerce support plan, you are not only getting a fully functional ecommerce platform,
you are getting the advice and support of seasoned veterans.

  • We don't outsource our support

    Support is provided by the core Spree Commerce team, including the creator of the most popular ecommerce technology for Ruby on Rails, the inventor of multiple patent-pending ecommerce technologies, and a globally recognized expert on Ruby and Rails technology.

  • We're always there for you

    Your business depends on us, and we take our commitment to support very seriously. We offer phone and email support, so you can always reach us. Whether you need help with your storefront or Wombat, we will help you whenever you have a problem. Support personnel are based in 6 countries around the world, working across multiple time zones.

  • Get the focused attention that your company deserves

    Depending on the level of support that you select, you will have direct access to a designated account manager who will be focused on your company's needs and goals. Your account manager will make sure that your support needs are being met and will help you optimize your use of the Spree Commerce platform so that your business gets the maximum benefit possible.

  • If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

    We have partnered with with some of the best web development instructors in the world to create useful training modules structured to meet your needs. These are trainers who know the Spree Commerce product well and are skilled at bringing that knowledge to others. Training can be remote or on site. Our training partners can structure a program specifically for you.

Contact us for more information about our support and training options.