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Red Badger

Red Badger Hosts First UK Meetup

Watch the hugely successful first ever UK meetup at Red Badger HQ featuring four keynote speakers, including Spree COO Josh Resnik and developer Peter Berkenbosch, as well as Red Badger co-founders Cain Ullah and David Wynne.

Ninefold Session

Spree Commerce Performance by Daniel Sim Lind

Daniel Sim Lind, former strategic marketing and creative director at Ninefold, spoke at SpreeConf 2014 to discuss the results he and his team found when using Spree Commerce as the subject of extensive research on website performance. What he found was that the Spree Commerce platform is capable of exceptional performance and smooth scalability.

Amit Shah Session

Perfect Technology

In this video, Amit Shah, CEO at Jirafe, Inc. focuses on how Jirafe uses custom-tailored analytics to help ecommerce companies grow their respective brands. Included in Amit’s presentation is a blueprint for the growth of a successful ecommerce business. Starting with the sales of goods on Ebay and Amazon, and all the way to the point where you would need to get onto a versatile, customizable platform like the one offered by Spree.

Jeff Ma Session

Right Decision, Wrong Outcome

Jeff Ma, CEO of tenXer and the inspiration for Bringing Down the House, and its cinematic adaptation, 21, discussed the importance of making data driven business decisions in his SpreeConf 2014 presentation, "Right Decision, Wrong Outcome." He also might teach you a trick, or two, about blackjack.

Denis Ivanov Session

Perfecting Your Ecommerce Frontend

Denis Ivanov returned to SpreeConf 2014 to give an updated version of the most popular talk from SpreeConf 2013. This talk aimed to share three years of experience running a growing niche store through high level direction as well as practical code samples.

Backend Integrations with the Spree Commerce Hub

Backend Integrations with Wombat (formerly Spree Commerce Hub)

Wombat (formerly Spree Commerce Hub) is a new platform for extending the reach of your Spree store into a myriad of crucial lines of business applications and services like drop shipping providers, accounting systems, transactional email services, custom applications and much more. Join Spree Commerce CTO Brian Quinn as he shows you how easily you can get started using our off-the-shelf services, and create custom integrations to process all the events as they happen in your store.

Scott Raio

Improving the User Experience

Scott Raio, CTO and co-founder of the popular men’s clothing brand, Combatant Gentlemen, spoke at SpreeConf 2014, detailing the challenges, and solutions to, delivering the best user experience possible in both an online and offline atmosphere. Scott walks you through his team's experience with working with the open source API. Whether its a front-end powered by Backbone.js or a native IOS app, Spree has you covered.

Bryan Mahoney Session

Results Driven Responsive Ecommerce Best Practices

Bryan Mahoney (Partner and Director at Dynamo) With 15 years of web development under his belt, Bryan is always pretty evenly split between client facing tasks and writing code. He does it all, from business development, project planning and consulting, to writing code for Dynamo's various applications. Forever the entrepreneur, Bryan loves working with startups to help them realize their goals just as much as he loves his Dynamo projects.

Behind the Best Storefronts

Behind the Best Storefronts

In this video, Sean discusses the rapid growth of Spree’s open source community and its impact on our storefront platform. Sean also updated the audience on the latest developments with Wombat (formerly Spree Commerce Hub), which developers and store owners can use to add and manage integrations to other services such as fulfillment providers, accounting systems, and more.

Complexity kills

Complexity Kills

As your business grows, you add suppliers, shippers, and other vendors - all across the globe. You talk to more customers, collect more data, and sell more things out of more places. It gets very complex. That complexity can kill a growing business. Don’t let that happen to you.

Antonio Silverias session

Scaling Spree to Tens of
Thousands of Stores

Antonio Silveira discusses the new partnership between Spree Commerce and GoDaddy in this SpreeConf 2014 talk. The talk focuses on why GoDaddy chose to build its new store platform on top of Spree and how they hope to contribute back to the open source community with what they've learned.

Andy Dunn Session

Ecommerce is a Bear

Andy Dunn, CEO and Founder of Bonobos, outlines the strategic thinking required not just to launch in a competitive ecommerce environment, but how to differentiate and win, using the great success of Bonobos as an example. In this video, learn how your business can grow taking cues from Bonobos mistakes and successes.