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Our software has been used by thousands of developers to build more than 45,000 storefronts worldwide.
Spree is one of the largest open source software projects in the world -- not just ecommerce software,
but out of all categories. It’s one of the most robust, refined technologies that you could ever hope to use.

  • API

Fully Featured and Modular

The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don't have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. The modular platform allows you to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need, so that you can build the exact storefront that you want.

Because of the modular architecture you can use features that come pre-integrated with the core, as well as best-in-class technologies for the optimal delivery of your business objectives.


Powerful Customization

  • Design
  • Experience
  • Products
  • Subscriptions

Flexible and Responsive Site Design
Spree offers a responsive design out of the box for an optimal user experience across all devices.
Use animation, live video or other innovative techniques to take your shoppers on an
engaging tour of your product line.

With the Spree Commerce storefront you have complete flexibility to create a unique and creative storefront that allows
the user to interact with your products, not just view them.


Comprehensive API

Spree Commerce offers a complete API for nearly every aspect of the system. It’s easy to create just about any experience that you want, in record time.


Own the Solution

  • Code
  • Hosting
  • License

When you use the Spree platform you own the code and can modify the software as you see fit.
Because the platform is built on modern standards, there are no proprietary programming skills needed.
The code is yours for as long as you need it. No strings attached.

You have access to the complete source code to use where and how you like. Finding developers to work on the platform is easier because it's standards based and not proprietary.


Mature and Trusted Platform

Spree Commerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. With more than 45,000 stores and growing, and an active community, you can trust our reliable technology for your ecommerce storefront.


Robust Open Source Community

Our active community contributes features that are driven by the real world experience of the more than 45,000 stores using the platform around the world. Spree has been translated into more than 30 languages.


  • Contributions 15,221
  • Contributors 749
  • Github Watchers 6,190
  • Github Forks 2,897
  • Downloads 349,067
  • Current Version 3.0.0
  • Version Downloads 1,911
  • 3rd party Ext. 506

"Spree is an incredibly bold and ambitious project. I love what these guys have done so far."

Luke Kanies CEO and Founder of Puppet Labs